Studio Updates

Studio updates.


The identity system for ATIPPICAL studio is the result of a design collaboration between Alan Tipp and Steve Gordon of  RDQLUS CREATIVE. It captures the spirit of inventorship by alluding to the gone-era of the Edison lightbulb and cathode Nixie tube clock through its use of type. The letters were individually created to stylistically mimic the cathode numbers used within the Nixie bulb itself. The first letter "A" emits an orange glow of light to communicate the initial spark of ideation, while the relationship between the "C" and the "A" combine to create the iconic "NO" symbol; suggesting "NOT" typical. The tongue-and-cheek spelling adds a touch of personality to embody the abbreviated name of ATIPPICAL's principal designer: A. Tipp.

The Atippical approach to design is one that is disruptive + defies convention.


Alan Tipp